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Levels Of Ideation

  • 01 Logos & Digital Assets:
    — Introductory Interview / Digital Assets (Image Files for Print, Web and Mobile) for Branding & Promotion

  • 02 Content Creation:
    — Creative Services and Solutions (Imagery, static & motion) / Design Ideation / Completed Design Deliverables (Image files for Print, Web and Mobile) (Multimedia Files for Video, Web and Mobile)

  • 03 Total Brand Consulting & Content Creation:
    — Brand Identity & Visual Evaluation (Visual Language, Consistency of Identity) / Branding Manual & Guidelines (Systematic Branding, Content Efficiency) / Content Creation (Creative Services and Solutions, Multimedia File Production)

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Embarklife commits all out design ideation and visual concepts to help you and your company achieve an appropriate identity that accurately communicates your values to your audience. Through a series of "Visual Audits" of your current branding and imagery-language, along with this form, We will work together to build a scalable program to fit your design and budgetary needs.
What is your main current products / services offering? In what area of your offering are you looking to expand?
When did you start your company? What was the force behind your decision to go into business? What was the product or service that realized your offering to your audience?